Pineapple Pie 12% CBD < 1% THC


Pineapple Pie gets its name from the combination of sweet taste and the shape of the blossoms resembling a pineapple. It is a delicacy among cannabis flowers.

Cultivated in: indoor Czech Republic
CBD content: 12%
THC content: less than 0.5%
Growing medium: clay
Curing: min. 4 weeks
Finishing: Hand cut
Sativa(65%) Indica(35%)
Packaging: discrete airtight

Doprava zdarma nad 1000 Kč
Produkt je legální i po 1.7.2024

Pineapple Pie is 65% Sativa and that means it has a rather stimulating effect. This variety will be appreciated by anyone who still needs to perform after relaxing. The aroma and taste are also soul-lifting. The low THC level suits people who find traditional cannabis hard to tolerate.

The plants are grown in our Indoor Growroom where we carefully monitor and manage the climate to get the most out of the plants. Another advantage is that we can guarantee consistent quality and freshness at any time of the year, so we are not dependent on the weather outside.

After harvesting, our flowers ripen for a month at low temperatures and controlled relative humidity in special containers. This process, called curing in English, is one of the most important steps to a truly premium taste and aroma, according to foreign experts and us.

This strain has been carefully bred and grown to meet the legal limit for maximum THC content. We stress this fact because our market is currently flooded with flowers that meet this limit only through chemical reduction of THC. In doing so, most of the other substances are removed and the flower becomes just a green mass without any taste and with zero therapeutic potential.

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< 1% THC